There's a good reason many people invest in garden and landscape design. A thoughtful and professional plan will result in a beautiful landscape that works with the distinct character and culture of your property. While we are always happy to assist you at the Nursery,
we offer consultation and design at your home or business.

Consultation at Your Site

By visiting your home or business, Ed can assist you by gaining a better understanding of your site's culture and potential. He can give you design ideas, identify plants and give you suggestions for new plantings and new ways to use your space. This is also the first step towards a comprehensive design if you so choose. Additionally, he can visit your property to lay out beds, place plants, and stake out larger plantings.

Detailed Design Plan

A comprehensive design allows for detailed planning and is an integral guide for a landscape installation. If you're considering a design, the first step is setting up a consultation at your property. After discussing the potential of your site and getting to know you and your property, Ed will provide you with a proposal for a conceptual or detailed design. Conceptual designs assign the placement of hardscapes, planting beds, and other feature such as pathways, driveways, outbuildings, and major trees. A detailed design will assign specific plants for beds and materials for hardscaping.


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